In Knock Knock Mike and Ike are nearly arested for not haveing a lisnce plate on there Car!Knock Knock is slipt up into two parts.


Part 1Edit

Mike and Ike are watching Dora when Ike asks what there are watching and Mike resonds "TV" Ike says he knows that and says he ment what show.Shortly after Ike finshes Someoe Knocks on there door.A voice says If they don't open the door he will hunt them down Ike Shouts WHO IS IT! the man replies THIS IS STARTA! and the man kicks down the door and it's a Cop.Mike nicly Greets the officer.The officer Asks Mike if he noticed that his car has no back lisence plate and Mike asks The officer how he knows it's Mike's The officer says he saw Mike driving it Mike asks why he thinks it's him and that they all look alike but Ike voice is heard shouting "NO WE DON'T!

Part 2Edit

Mike asks The officer If he really thinks if it was Mike The officer says he knew it was Mike and asks him to take the ticket so he can go.Ike in the kitchen asks the Officer if he wants some Cool Ad and the Officer happily comes over and Ike gives The officer the Kool ad.Ike Comes over to get Mike but Can't find him and Mike jumps up from behind the couch and scares Ike and Mike grabs Ikes hair and drags him.Mike Puts a Fake Lisence Plate on the back of their car and Ike asks Mike if the officer will fall for it Mike tells Ike to not worry.Mike comes back in the house and tells the officer there was a huge misuderstanding and tells him he can leave but the officer doesn't leave and the officer looks down at the kool ad and Mike tells him he can Have the kool ad and the Officer becomes happy and leaves.Ike Then tells Mike that was too Easy.


  • Before Ike asks Mike What show they are watching a man is seen looking through their Window.
  • Before Mike asks the officer why he thinks it was him Ike runs away.
  • When Ike asks "WHO IS THIS!" It is actullay the "THIS IS MADNESS" Meme
  • In Part one The BGM is Mario Elevator Music.
  • When thay are in the house in part 2 the BGM is also Mario elevator Music.
    • When Mike and Ike are outside in part 2 the BGM is New Super Mario bros. Wii ~UnderGround Theme~
      • When They enter the house again in Part 2 The BGM Id Super Mario World ~Overworld theme~