In Mind Control Mike get controled by a headband.


Mike is tould by the computer he must spell a 14 letter word so he asks Ike for a 14 letter word but Ike asks why he needs one but then sees the Headband Mike is wearing and asks whats on his head.Mike asks if Ike if he ever saw a headband before.Ike says he ment the thing on the back of his head.Mike asks If Ike will run out of questions.Ike comes up with a question and asks Mike why he is being mean Mike then grows impaceint and The Headband takes over Mike.Mike throws stuff at Ike and Ike freaks out and uses something (A Handheld Computer or an IPad)and finds out Mike what reaction is about and Ike evily laughs.


  • The Book Ike was reading didn't have any words just TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
  • The Thing Mike threw at Ike Where:A book a Vase and a Cookie.