SMB Episode 1

SMB episode1 screen

Air Date: october 12 2010

Written by:Anthony
Draw by:Anthony


The episode start with teenage muasthssless stick fiugre Mario and Luigi on the screen and Luigi states that Peach is in trouble and they should rescueher. Mario and Luigi travel to World 1 very fast. Mario tells Luigi to stop but Luigi reminds Mario that Peach is in danger but Mario doesn't care and goes back to the real world very fast again.

Mario wants to play Super Smash Bros. but Luigi ask Mario who will save Peach then Mario just says Chuck Norris can do it claiming Chuck Norris can do anything. Then after that Mario leaves to go play.

Luigi then says to himself, Chuck Norris is in our video games and follows Mario. At Mario and Luigi's house they are playing Super Smash Bros. and Luigi states that this isn't helping save the princess.