SMB Episode 2Edit

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                                  Written by Anthony
Air Date N/A
Drawen by Anthony


The episode starts with Wario getting a letter from Bowser

Asking him where The Mario bros. are and Wario replays with "I Don't know" And tells Bowser yells at him telling him to find them not even caring says "well well" Fine! when crumbling up the letter and walking off the screen.

Then it goes back to the Mario bros with Luigi asking Mario what he wants to do and Mario wants to look for [[Super mushrooms|Super
mushrooms]] and Luigi Agrees.

The Mario bros. don't see any Mushrooms But Mario thinks he saw mushroom over there(to his right) and they go where Mario Thinks he saw mushrooms.

And near a Tree Mario says there when some big Mushrooms over here.Then Wario Shouts Stupid Mario Losers and Mario very Mad says Oh god it Wario Asking what he wants Wario replays with You shoulld Save Peach Mario replays with "nanananananano" we are not saving the prinsess again and Luigi Replays saing we sent Chuck Norris to do that.

And on the screen says "Check out the REAL SERIES! at!