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SMB episode 3

episode 3 of anthony's smb series


The episode starts with Wario on the scrren and on the scerrn it says:"Back to Where we left off!

Here's episode 3 of Stupid mario Bros!"

Wario tells the Mario bros. that Chuck Norris could'nt even make it past World 1.Mario complans saing "oh chuck" and Wario states that he is cold and they sholud talk in side his house.

After they get to Wario's house wario's eyes turn Red and in a deep darkness voice he ask "WHY ARE YOU MUSTASHES STILL HERE?"Mario ask why wario's eyes are red and Luigi adds saying that they don't have mustashes and wario puts his head down saying he is tired looking up again seeing that the mario bros. have run off.

And after Bros. get out of Wario's house Luigi ask mario if he wants to make a music video.

Then it says on the screen it says "Episode 4 out next week(maybe earlier)"

Then on the next pages it says "Check out SMB's new music video "seasons" by the veer union"