SMB episode 6 is the 6th episode of Season 1 and the 6th episode in the whole series.



"we are staying Here"

The Wario Bros. are seen knocked out and Wario then gets mad and says to Waluigi that the Mario Bros. beat them again and waluigi reminds Wario then [he] hasn't help [him] ever before and Wario tells Waluigi'd L is shaped like Luigi's insted of being upside down and Waluigi fixs it then Wario sees the Mario bros. are comeing.

The Mario bros. come and Mario says that they are staying here(while Luigi does the hand movements)Then Wario says the said the same thing on Youtube and Luigi says that is weird.The Wario bros. get up off the Ground and Wario says it isn't over and Waluigi contuines saying they will be back and Mario asks what to do now and Wario says he is going to start his acting carear and Waluigi says he is going to learn to ride a Yoshi and Leaves with Wario and Mario tell Luigi his is going to sleep and leaves and Luigi says he is going to eat

LOT OF SPAGHETTI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Edit